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MARCH 2024


March 2024, Vietnam

A seminar organized jointly by Electricity of Vietnam and PV Power, was recently held to showcase the effectiveness of Safe-Fire temperature measurement system TempVision1000.  During the session, the organizer utilized data collected with the product to demonstrate the benefits the user has achieved in fuel saving and emission control activities.   The presenters introduced the project and the results in the following four sections. 


Vung Ang 1 Power Plant

Part 1

Project Background:

Boiler:  2x600 MW, 
Manufacturer: Babcock & Wilcox Beijing 
The boiler design is coal powder combustion with a direct coal injection system (without intermediate coal powder bunkers and coal powder feeders). The burner flame is of "W" shape, with HALF-PAX burner type. 

Part 2

Product Introduction: TempVision 1000


  • Model: TDU-1000

  • Input power: 12-24VDC±10%, 7.3W

  • Measurement range: +850°C to +1900°C

  • Field of view: 33°24’ × 25°22 


Advantages of TempVision 1000

The TempVision 1000 device measures a wide range of temperature between 850°C and1900°C.  With the measurement accuracy of 99% and a wide viewing angle, the device enables a quick and accurate measurement of flame temperature at each burner.

The flame temperature data are displayed intuitively on its Rodin Q software in various formats including Trend, Radar and Level, making it easy for analysis and data processing.

Part 3

Results presented from using TempVision 1000

  1. Coal consumption: reduced by 7.5% in the first 3 months; a total of 32,500 tons of coal saved in the 2-year frame. 

  2. Emissions control:  CO emission reduced by 32.4%; NOx emission reduced by 33%.

  3. Boiler efficiency:  boiler efficiency increased by 0.8%. 

  4. Slagging control: slagging reduced by 55% in 3 weeks. 


Image of slag before calibration

Image of slag after calibration

Part 4

Further Calibration 

The organizers are committed to continue with further data to prove the effectiveness and benefit from the TempVision products.  Safe-Fire has conducted measurement, evaluation, and combustion optimization at Unit 2 of Nghi Son 1 Thermal Power Plant and Units 1 & 2 of Thai Binh 2 Thermal Power Plant.

Safe-Fire specialize in combustion safety.   We are dedicated to increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and extend the equipment service life by giving operators greater understanding and control of the combustion environment.   

Data prove power plants benefit from Safe-Fire TempVision1000 products

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