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Upgrade Guidance

Equipment upgrade projects require close collaboration between Safe Fire’s engineers and the end users in order to address the specific needs, and to complete the project on time and within budget. We are happy to provide the summary below to inform our potential customers and partners of the typical data requirements, and to help guide them through our working process.

Required General Plant Information:
Nameplate Capacity:
Boiler Manufacturer:
Boiler Number:
Boiler type(s): Tangential, Wall-Fired…etc.
Commission date:

Customer Document Submission:
Depending on the scope of the project, documents such as those listed below may need to be prepared by the customer for submission to Safe Fire
Detailed description of equipment and associated problems
Performance and failure details, and service logs
Engineering drawings, operation & maintenance manuals
Fuel(s) data
Customer’s desired project timeline, and the boiler turnaround schedule

Safe-Fire’s Working Process:
The steps below highlights the key milestones for completing an upgrade project.

  1. Document Review and Site Assessment

  2. Technical Proposal – Submit proposal outlining materials, scope of work, as well as, budgetary requirements for customer review

  3. Budget Approval and Contract Signing – Upon contract signing and prior to manufacture, Safe Fire will prepare engineering drawings and specifications for customer approval

  4. New Equipment Upgrade – Manufacture, Deliver, and provide installation guidance

  5. Commissioning Support and Customer Training

Please contact us or your nearest Safe Fire representative for details and more information on how we may assist you

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