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MAY 2024


May 2024, Indonesia

Pelabuhan Ratu Power Plant

  • Number of Boilers: 3 unites

  • Boiler Capacity: 350MW

  • Project Boiler: Unit 3

  • Product: TempVision 5000

  • Number of TempVision Detectors: 4

A showcase for energy efficiency
Safe-Fire and PLTU Pelabuhan Ratu Power Plant, Indonesia join force for the second time 

  • Comprehensive knowledge of combustion status

  • Facilitate energy saving and emission reduction

  • Higher efficiency, Lower fuel consumption and Benefit to the environment

In 2021, the PLTU Pelabuhan Ratu Power Plant of Indonesia's National Power Group, received the annual Subroto award from the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM).  This award was for its energy efficiency achievement.  The power plant was able to improve the boiler performance through combustion tunning with the help of obtaining accurate boiler temperature profile data.  This was contributed to the Safe-Fire portable temperature profile device, TempVision1000.   

Partnered with Safe-Fire, PLTU Pelabuhan Ratu Power Plant received the highest award from the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources for the best performing business owner.  This has become an energy efficiency showcase in the industrial sector.

In 2024, once again, Indonesia's PLTU Pelabuhan Ratu Power Plant and Safe-Fire are joining force.  The new project scope will be installing a TempVision5000 online temperature measurement system at one level of t the boiler unit.  This signifies further cooperation in the partnership in order to fully understand the boiler combustion status, improve the boiler combustion efficiency and ensure product safety at a new level. 

Product Information

TempVision5000 Online Temperature Profile Measurement System

The system continuously measures - in real time - burner flame temperature profiles inside a boiler or furnace combustion chamber.  It can be configured for use on a variety of boilers and furnaces with the appropriate combination of TempVision Detectors and a processing/communications suite.

The system provides plant operators with accurate combustion temperature data. Through visual monitoring of the combustion zone, the plant operators have the real time data of temperature distribution, change curves and trends, and the flame dynamic characteristics.  The large amount of temperature data provides guidance in carrying out balancing the primary air powder in hot and cold states, adjusting the secondary air volume and flow rate, changing the burner swing angle, boiler outlet oxygen content and so on.  The combustion tunning enables power plant to increase the combustion efficiency, reduce coal consumption and improve conditions of coking and pollutant caused by partial burning and overheating.

The TempVision 5000 system provides big data to fine tune the power plant boiler.  It will be an important component of the future smart power plant.



  • Real time online monitoring

  •  Accuracy of measurement within 1% of actual

  • Resistance of high temperature flue gas flow and emissivity fluctuations

  • Complete communication interface with the control system

  • Modular design for easy maintenance and configuration


With a focus on the combustion efficiency and safety through innovative solutions, Safe-Fire is committed to helping our customers fully understand the combustion status to achieve reduced fuel consumption and decreased emissions.

Safe-Fire is looking forward to expand our cooperation with Indonesia Power Group in boiler temperature profile, ignition and flame detection areas.

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