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Ratu MB3 Oil Igniter Saves Fuel by 20% and Improves Efficiency by 30%

February 2019, Safe Fire team completed another MB3 oil igniter retrofit project at Pelabuhan Ratu Power Plant. This installation was done at
the CD Level of Unit 1 at the plant and it was the second ignition upgrading project Safe-Fire has been awarded by the same plant. The previous
installation had been done at Unit 3 in 2018. The power plant is very satisfied with the upgrade and they are able to achieve:

• 100% successful ignitions for boiler cold start-up
• Reduced maintenance workload and cost
• Reduced start-up time from 12 to 8 hr

As a result, the fuel consumption with the replaced MB3 oil igniter from Safe-Fire is 1.6T/hr, 20% lower than the existing 2.0T/hr. The efficiency also improved by around 30%. Safe-Fire once again demonstrated the capability of helping customers to improve reliability in boiler startup and increased fuel efficiency.



Variations of TempVision Detector For Different Requirements

Temperature Detector
Fiber Scope Temperature Detector
Borescope Temperature Detector
Angled Borescope Temperature Detector

All Variations Benefits Customers by:

• “See” temperature distributions inside the furnace
• Make informed decisions in improving combustion efficiency
• Help optimize combustion with real-time data feedback
• Improve environmental compliance and save fuel cost


TempVision 3100 Temperature Measurement System

Safe-Fire’s TempVision 3100 system continuously measures – in real time – burner temperature profile inside the furnace. This dynamic system can be adapted to different observation positions of a variety of boilers and furnaces with the appropriate combination of TempVision Detectors and a processing/communications suite. The system is especially versatile for such furnaces like waste incinerators with small insertion openings, complex combustion environment and corrosive conditions.



  • Real time temperature measurement with a wide measurement area and superb accuracy

  • Data from the continuous monitoring can be uploaded to the supervision unit to support the accurate “decision” parameter affecting the environment. Actual production status is reflected and no production interruption due to mis-transmission or disconnection.

  • Accurate furnace temperature profile data directly involve in the combustion control automation to achieve true intelligent combustion control. The waste material can be fully stabilized in the incinerator to minimize the amount of pollutants generated.

  • The availability of the accurate furnace temperature data makes it possible for the SNCR system to consistently operate within the optimal temperature window range. The optimum denitrification efficiency and minimum ammonia slip rate can be achieved.



1. TempVision 5000 System in Operation at Huxian Thermal Power Plant

Safe-Fire completed the installation of an eight-detector TempVision 5000 system to the 20-coal burner, 300MW T-Fired boiler. The project scope also includes the primary air and coal flow measurements as well as the balancing of fuel and air ratio cross each mill. Once in operation, the system demonstrates the capability of performing real-time burner temperature profiling of multiple burners. The accurate burner temperature distribution information enables the operators to make timely damper position adjustments to improve boiler efficiency. By balancing the burner outputs, the power plant benefits from reducing fuel cost, lower NOx emissions and slagging issues.


POWER PLANT: Huxian (DATANG Group) 300MW,UNIT#2, Shaanxi, CHINA
BOILER MAKER: Harbin Corner-Fired Boiler

2. TempVision 1000 for Combustion Tunning PLTU KALTIM TELUK Power Plant in Indonesia

Safe-fire TempVision 1000 Improved combustion efficiency by 0.76% and lowered fuel consumption by 1.5% at PLTU Kaltim Teluk Power Plant in Indonesia. March 2019, Safe-fire service team collected bed temperature data using TempVision 1000 on the CFB boiler unit 1 at PLTU Kaltim Teluk Power Plant, Indonesia. The measurement data revealed that the current bed temperature is higher than the design temperature. The coal consumption is high. Based on the temperature data, the team did a quick experimenting adjustment of the upper secondary air damper. This alone immediately delivered a result of a 1.5% decrease in coal consumption which is a 0.76% combustion efficiency improvement. This encouraging result suggests that an installation of an online TempVision System will benefit the plant greatly to reduce fuel cost, improve combustion efficiency, and enhance boiler safety performance.


POWER PLANT: 2 x 110 MW, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
BOILER TYPE: Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler



1. EZ-Flame Superb Discrimination Capability Demonstrated at Rabigh Power Plant, Saudi Arabia

Safe-Fire’s patent EZ-Flame system utilizes additional unique criteria to qualify the presence of flames and achieve enhanced discrimination capability. The company successfully retrofitted the flame detection system for the Rabigh Power Plant in Saudi Arabia for its 2x660MW subcritical oil powered boilers.


POWER PLANT: Rabigh Power Plant, Saudi Arabia, 2x660MW Oil Fired Units
CONTRACTOR: SEPCO III Electric Power Construction Corp.
Dongfang Boiler Group Co., Ltd.

EZ-Flame significantly improved safety and reliability for the customer.

In addition, the proprietary Rodin software features Easy Parameter Adjustment, Real-time Display of Flame Status, Alarm history and Data Log. It’s designed to ensure reliable flame detection in most flame discrimination demanding environment, meanwhile to provide user-friendly experience to customers.

2. EZ-Flame Sustains High Temperature Environment at PLTU Belawan Power Plant

Safe-Fire’s patent EZ-Flame detectors are high temperature resistance. Safe-Fire EZ-Flame system was selected for the 2x400MW gas turbine flame detection upgrade project at PLTU Belawan Power plant. The turbines were manufactured by Aalbook, Austria.


POWER PLANT: PLTU Belawan Power plant, Indonesia, 2x400MW gas turbine

GAS TURBINE: Aalbook, Austria

3. EZ-Flame Precise Dectection for Dual Fuel Petrochemical Application at Fujian Refining & Petrochemical (FREP) Company LTD.

Safe-Fire’s EZ-Flame dual fuel detection feature benefits Fujian Refining & Petrochemical Company Ltd (FREP) to meet the stringent safety standards for the industry. Safe-Fire’s EZ-Flame detection system was selected by FREP for their new heater, a part of the upgrade of the Aromatics unit.


PLANT: Fujian Refining & Petrochemical (FREP) Company Ltd

BOILER: Aromatics Heater

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