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MB-3 oil Igniter retrofit project TempVision 5000 system in service at Ratu Power Plant in Indonesia.

The MB3 oil igniters, installed at the Indonesia Ratu Power Plant, have been in operation since March. The Power Plant operators are satisfied with the equipment performance. They are impressed by the easy ignition, bigger fire flicker and optimized atomization from Safe-Fire oil igniter products.


Flame detection system for Kalteng Power Plant 2x100MW units delivered

In April, Safe-Fire successfully delivered the SA-3000 flame detection system to Kalteng Power Plant 2x100MW boiler units. This is a CFB Boiler by Dongfang Boiler Group. The plant is expected to be in commercial operation at the end of 2018. This is another Belt & Road Initiative project Safe-Fire Group involved.


MB-3 oil gun frequently asked questions.

  1. Why the oil gun atomizers can easily be
    Under hot temperature conditions, the fuel
    residues tend to become carbonized, which
    will causes oil gun clog. Fuel oil residues
    normally come from:

    1. Insufficient purge. Be sure to check the
      purge time. Purge time of 5 minutes is
    2. Valve internal leakage. Be sure to check
      there is any leakage. If so, replace the
      valve seal sets.
  2. How to dismantle an oil gun?
    1. Unscrew the oil inlet hose
    2. Unscrew atomizing hose
    3. Open the semi-circular retainer of the oil gun
    4. Pull the oil gun body out
  3. How to dismantle an igniter?
    1. Disconnect the HESI cable
    2. Unscrew the igniter
  4. Which HESI igniter components are highly
    recommended spare parts?

    1. Fuse 16A
    2. Thirstier
  5. How to adjust the position of an oil gun?
    1. Loosen the screw connecting the cylinder
      lever and the traction tube
    2. Move around the traction tube to adjust
      the position of the oil gun
    3. Tighten the screw


Safe-Fire introduces Robot into its manufacture process.
Safe-Fire has made a significant step in transforming the manufacturing process and building a smart factory. A collaborative industrial robot arm is in operation for its TempVision product calibration. The robot arm is designed to mimic the range of motion of a human arm. The equipment not only has its value in increasing productivity, it also has the competitive advantage of superior repetitive precision.


TempVision 5000 system in service at HuXian Power Plant in China.

Safe-Fire TempVision5000, the real time combustion temperature profiling system, was delivered in April for Boiler #1, Datang Huxian #2 Power plant. The engineering team from Sunman Control Engineering successfully completed the on-site construction, including water tube cutting and welding, cable wiring, cooling air tube arrangement and system control cabinet positioning. The project is currently in commissioning phase. Upon commissioning, the team will continue with the primary air and fuel balance as well as combustion balance. The project is expected to complete FAT and project handover in September.

TempVision product application expands into cement industry.

Safe-Fire has been actively exploring the non-power applications with the TempVision product. In May 2018, a team consisting of R&D, engineering, and sales functions was formed to focus on the cement industry. The team conducted a series of technical discussions with the process experts at Nanjing Lishui Cement Plant. During the visit,the team also took measurements of the temperature profile from the rotary kiln and the decomposition furnace. The results indicated that the TempVision product canaccurately measure the combustion temperature profile of the kilns and furnacesfor cement plants. The cement industry process experts were impressed with the technology and excited to see its application in their industry. We are convinced the technology will bring benefit to the cement industry with further study on the correlation between the temperature profile, the reduction of NOx emissions and the reduction of coal consumption.


TempVision1000 demonstrated at three power plants
in Indonesia.
Safe-Fire Team visited PLTU Pacitan Power Plant at the end of May and demonstrated how our TempVision products can benefit the plant to achieve fuel efficiency. During the demonstration session, the team discovered that the fire ball was not centered and this explains why the fuel consumption is on the higher side. In addition, Safe-Fire team also visited in PLTU Ombilin plant and PLTU Bukit Asam plant to present the TempVision product. 

Safe-Fire CEO spoke at the “Innovation Wins the World Forum” 
June 5, 2018, Beijing, China. George Huang was invited as the guest speaker at the Chinese Businesses Go Global Conference themed with “Innovation Wins the World Forum”. There are over 150 attendees at the conference including representatives from the State Department, ministries, research and academic institutes as well as businesses. During his speech, Mr. Huang introduced the achievements and experiences the company accumulated in 20+ years focusing on developing combustion technology; shared with other business associate on the opportunities and challenges the company is facing as a
global company. We are proud the company is receiving more acknowledgement and attention from the community.


MB-3 oil igniter in service at Zhuhai Power Plant (2x700MW)

During Q2, Safe-Fire completed the oil gun upgrade at the Zhu
Hai Power Plant. The plant is a 2x700MW capacity plant with
Mitsubishi burners and igniters. Prior to the upgrade, the plant
frequently experienced unsuccessfully ignitions, poor atomization,
solenoid valves getting damaged due to high temperature as well
as jamming of the ignitors. With the installation of the Safe-Fire
MB-3 Igniter system, which includes increased spark energy from
16J to 20J and independent solenoid valve cabinet, the plant was
able to achieve the result of:

  • 100% successful ignitions for boiler cold start-up
  • Reduced maintenance workload and cost
  • Reduced 60% oil consumption during boiler start-up