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Power Generation

  • We have over 1000 Safe-Fire project installations worldwide.
  • We supply ignition and flame detection systems.
  • We tailor solutions to your boiler configuration.
  • Whether the fuel is natural gas, oil, or coal, we can provide accurate and reliable flame detection.


  • We supply ignition and flame detection to refineries and plants that convert gas and oil to useful chemicals.
  • Even in hazardous atmospheres, our equipment is designed to meet the end user’s application.


  • These plants require high amounts of energy to process the metal.
  • Whether it’s power or heat generation, our flame detection system effectively assess the combustion process and is vital to maintain worker safety.

Pulp Paper

  • High amounts of energy are required to manufacture these products.
  • Our flame detection system provides peace of mind by ensuring safe operations in their combustion processes.