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On June 19, 2019

Safe-fire TempVision 1000 Increases Power Output and Reduces Fuel Consumption at SEM Calaca Power Station in the Philippines

At the end of May 2019, Safe-fire team conducted a temperature profile measurement of Unit #2, a 300MW Corner-Fired Alstom boiler, at SEM Calaca Power Station.  Using Safe-Fire TempVision 1000 system, the team obtained the measurement data of burners at AB and CD level.  Although the temperature profile shown a well-run boiler, after analyzing the data, Safe-fire provided a recommendation that can further improve the boiler performance.  Safe-Fire engineers increasing one level of secondary air to improve the combustion efficiency.  The result from this tuning yielded improved balanced temperature profile of the boiler.  The result increased unit load by 1.5MW, reduced 2T/Hr coal consumption and significant reduced NOx emission.  The annualized financial benefit is around USD1,046,000.00.

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