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On March 19, 2019

Safe-fire TempVision 1000 Reduced bed temperature by 10℃ at Banjar Sari Power Plant 1X110MW Boiler

March 12, 2019, Safe-fire service team collected bed temperature data using TempVision 1000 on the CFB boiler unit 2 at Banjar Sari Power Plant, Indonesia.  The measurement data revealed that the current bed temperature is very high in general, which greatly reduces the boiler efficiency.  After analyzing the temperature data, by making some manual adjustment on the secondary air dampers, there was a 10 degree temperature reduction achieved.  This encouraging result suggests that an installation of an online TempVision System will provide the real-time bed temperature data to guide the necessary tuning to optimize the bed temperature, which will increase the boiler safety, reduce boiler slagging and reduce fuel consumption.


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