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On December 10, 2018

TempVision Product Accurately Measures the Temperature Profile of a Waste Incinerator and Improves the SNCR Injection

In November 2018, Safe-Fire engineers took temperature profile measurements from the 750 ton/day grate incinerator using TempVision1000. The results indicate that the system accurately measures the flame data and images and quickly reflects the temperature   distribution as the flames change.

The SAFE-FIRE engineering team did a flame temperature study at the Everbright Environmental Energy ( Nanjing ) Ltd. using TempVision1000 portable temperature system.  The team measured the temperature profiles of both the flue gas and the SNCR nozzle of the incinerator #5.

SAFE-FIRE engineers and the plant personnel are looking at the measurement data

Even though this was a dynamic combustion environment, the TempVision1000 demonstrated the ability to accurately measure the flame temperature of the incinerator grate as well as the temperature distribution of the flue gas in the furnace.

Image of the TempVision 1000 Temperature measurement profile from the Incinerator

Incinerator temperature analytical data from TempVision 1000

Since the composition of the waste is never constant, the calorific value and combustion characteristics are also dynamic. The capability to accurately capture the temperature profile of the dynamic SNCR layer enables the SNCR system to inject the denitration agent at the optimal temperature window, which not only realizes the automatic control of SNCR, but also improves the denitration efficiency and stability. In addition, the real-time and accurate measurement of the grate flame temperature can also be used for automatic control of incineration and grate feed rates. All in all, with the advancement of science and technology, the increasing measurement technology in harsh environments will bring about a revolutionary development in the control field.

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