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On November 18, 2018

Safe-Fire TempVison System in Operation at Lishui Tianshan Cement Plant in China

A cement plant TempVision system started its operation at Lishui Tianshan Cement Plant in October. The system is installed to monitor the flame temperature profile of the rotary kiln burner for the 5000T/D clinker production line at the plant.
TempVision overcomes the three most difficult technical challenges for cement applications:

  1. Excellent measurement accuracy:  two-color spectral measurement technology avoids the sensory interference caused by dust in the observation area, displays each pixel of the observed image area as a color temperature image, and always maintains 1% of actual measurement accuracy.
  2. Image mode selection:  the user can either use the direct image mode to view the flame, or the temperature mode to see the temperature distribution image to get analytical data to adjust combustion and control production processes.
  3. High operating temperatures:  the device mechanism protections include compressed air cooling device retraction, and heat insulation materials, which enable the system to work under extreme conditions without compromise or damage.

With TempVision, the operators are able to make combustion tuning and process control decisions based on accurate data. No longer will they be required to rely upon visual observation experience and intuition in making combustion chamber decisions. . The plant is looking forward to further expanding the applications of the system into reducing NOx emission and overheating of the kiln.

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