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On November 29, 2018

Safe-Fire EZ-Flame scanner tested successfully at Pagbilao Power Station

November 26 to 27, 2018.  Safe-Fire Inc., with the help from its local distributor, conducted the EZ-flame scanner test in the Philippines.  The test was conducted on unit 2 of the Pagbilao Power Station.  The unit is a tangentially-fired boiler manufactured by MHI.  The purpose of the test is to demonstrate the superior discriminatory capability, ease of use, and flexible configuration of the EZ-Flame product.  In addition, Safe-Fire was able to adapt as much of the existing equipment as possible so minimize intrusion and not adding costs to the end-user.   The end-user was supportive enough to reduce the boiler load that allowed Safe-Fire the opportunity to tune the scanner.  The tuning broke down into 2 sessions with tuning time less than 20 minutes each session.

The result was that the scanner was able to react properly when the coal burner is shut-off while its oil ignitor is in operation.  The scanner can easily and accurately distinguish the coal flame from the oil flame.  This ability reduces the possibility of false trip and increase the reliability and safety of the boiler operation.

The customer is satisfied with the performance of the scanner test result.

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